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A choice of Web Design Solutions, either Brochure as in a standard leaflet type website, E-commerce as in an online shop complete with checkout and the ability to take and make money. Or alternatively a bespoke package to suit any need required.

For Web Design we generally recommend customised content management systems (CMS). A Content Management System gives maximum control to the client at the lowest cost. After initial set up (by us) the client then has control of editing there own text and adding and removing content, if required, without the need for a developer and any extra fee’s. Currently we recommend WordPress for Brochure websites, and WordPress or Magento for E-commerce set up’s. More advanced sites can be developed using custom coded HTML, PHP and Java Script.

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Additional Info:

Overhead cost’s for online businesses are generally very low and considered extremely minimal to its offline equivalent. There are however a few costs to take into account after your site has been designed and built.

With all our web design packages we offer free basic logo and graphic design on your initial build in order to give your website that professional touch. Logo designing costs a minimum of £100 with our designers so this gives you a sizeable saving when you first commission your design. After completion of your website, potential new designs that you may need such banner ad’s (illustrated ad’s on your site) will be charged on a bespoke rate.


For e-commerce there is a need to set up securely a way for your customers to make payment to you. If you plan on taking payments via Debit and Credit card directly on your site you need to set up both a Merchant Account and a Payment Gateway. A merchant account is simply like an online bank account where your payments are paid into. A payment gateway is the facility to take and process these payments, together they cost around £30 per month. Alternatives to these without monthly fees would be services such as PayPal and Payza.

SSL certificates are needed when sensitive information is transmitted via the website, this may be a customers banking details or contact information. An SSL certificate validates that when a customer is on your site they are actually in the right place. SSL certificates cost in the region of £10 per month.


Hosting or Web Hosting is effectively where your site is saved on the Internet so that other people can look up and search for your site. Hosting is like the Hard Drive of your PC. Hosting can vary from around £5 (for good hosting) to a couple of hundred pound per month. Most sites are at the lowest end of this figure. Be careful of very cheap hosting, as hosting is important and sometimes can go wrong. If the hosting does go wrong on your site it is simply off line, getting it back online can be costly, time consuming and complicated. – Jupiter Online Solutions offers free hosting for one year with all websites purchased and continue to offer hosting going forward after this expiry on a bespoke basis.

Getting good hosting is vitally important, we recommend StableHost for global hosting or TSOHost for UK hosting.This site is currently hosting using StableHost:

Global Web Hosting Via StableHost – Click Here (Use Discount Code ‘Jupiter’ for 40% Off)

UK Hosting Via TSOHost – Click Here (Use Discount Code ‘Jupiter’ for 10% Off)

Domain Names:

The domain name is the name of you site followed by it’s code so for example www.mysite.com. The domain is made up of your name ‘mysite’ followed by the code ‘.com’. It is sometimes hard to get your chosen domain as many are taken, have a quick look at the following link to see what is available – check a domain. We give you both (if available) a 1 year .com and a 2 year .co.uk domain free with all web design packages. Domain names usually cost for .com’s and .co.uk  £8.95 and £5.95 respectively.

For your UK based websites we recommend purchasing both the .com and .co.uk varient of your domain name. For global businesses a .com is usually enough. For domains we recommend GoDaddy. Again this site uses GoDaddy to register its domain.